Baby Jameson's Birth, November 2018

"We have a secret in our culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong." Laura Stavoe Harm

I will warn you (so as to not disappoint you!) that the actual moment of birth is not in this video. As Jameson was crowning in the pool, Lauren had to suddenly get out because of a dystocia and my needing to help him rotate his shoulder to make his debut. What you do see in this video is the determination and strength this mama had to birth her baby at home; a father fully present and giving her the support that she needed; a midwifery team quick to respond when needed.

The film is as powerful as anything I could say. I love that Lauren is willing to share one of her life's most intimate moments. To be in labor is to be vulnerable, willing to sacrifice control to the forces of nature, and to experience strength and intensity that will change you forever. Some of my favorite moments were her hugging her cat, nursing her toddler, discouraging him from getting into the water with her, his sweet soft touch to her belly while she worked through a contraction, her constant gentleness even when experiencing the most intense emotions, Chad giving her sips of water and being her leaning post when she felt tired and needed to borrow from his strength, and her steadfastness even when she thought "I can't."

What you also don't see in this video is the sparkle in Lauren's eye when she says "I remember believing I couldn't do it and totally did do it!!!" I have since moved 2500 miles away, but I receive photos of Jameson at least monthly and Lauren and I will always talk and stay in touch. Watching babies grow is a lovely part of being a midwife. Witnessing women become confident mothers is the greatest reward.

Photo/Video credits to (Stephanie Rapp, Las Vegas, NV)

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