Nourishing Tea

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A question that I am often asked is about teas to drink during pregnancy. I am a huge advocate for obtaining nutrients from foods as much as possible. Loose leaf teas are a great way to increase nutrients and count towards your daily hydration needs. It is simple enough to purchase a brand like Traditional Medicinals. In fact, I usually recommend that you keep a few of these tea bags in your handbag or desk at work. When it comes to herbal teas, it helps to choose from the best quality dried leaves that you can find and to make a batch for yourself.

By making a customized batch for yourself, you can add more of a certain herb, like spearmint for example, for taste. Or, you can cut back on a more costly herb, like lemon balm for example. While the initial price tag may cause sticker shock, realize that these herbs will likely last the duration of your pregnancy and can be utilized even beyond that. The nutrients contained in these herbs not only help supplement your normal diet, but they also add quality to life. There is nothing quite like a fresh-brewed cup of hot tea while you work or rest.

My favorite recipe can be found here and contains:

• 4 parts dried red raspberry leaf • 2 parts dried rose hips (these come as whole rose hips - so I put them into a plastic bag, seal it and use a meat hammer to break them up) • 4 parts dried nettles • 2 parts dried alfalfa • 4 parts dried oat straw • 2 parts lemon balm • 1 part dried spearmint leaf

This delicious and nourishing tea can be enjoyed warm or cool. It can be made by the cup or in batches and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. I prefer to use wide-mouth glass mason jars for tea brewing and storage. I also use a tea strainer like this one to make it easier to strain. Stay warm on these cool winter days with homemade teas!

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