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“Beyond Baby” Postpartum Workshop

 Having a baby brings about important changes in your life, both physical and emotional.  Not only do we get to experience a different kind of life with this new little person in our arms but, through the experience of giving birth, we actually become a whole new person ourselves.  We want to give our baby our best, but what is the best way to see to our own needs while fulfilling the needs of our baby?  The answer may be different for each of us.  This workshop will take a look at what life might be like with a new baby: how your body and your needs change, what you can do to plan for the unexpected, and how you can create a postpartum plan to start you on your way on this new and exciting journey.  We will discuss the ways in which your body changes, and options for self-care as your mind and body transition from prenatal to postpartum, including belly binding, placenta preparation, and much more.  Come alone or bring your partner!

Instructor: Kristy Wilson, 724-992-8170




Price: $60.00 per couple

Class Dates: TBA

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