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Placenta Preparation

Kristy has owned and managed the “Honor Your Placenta”™ program since 2013.  Working with over 500 mothers since this time, she has refined and perfected the art of placenta preparation.  Kristy can help you decide which preparation method is best for you.  “Honor Your Placenta”™  offers a variety of placenta service options including capsules, tinctures, salves, frozen smoothie prep and even chocolate candies.   

It is believed that consumption of placenta can aid to:


  • Reduce postpartum bleeding

  • Speed up healing

  • Boost energy

  • Improve lactation supply and quality for nursling

  • Balance mood and decrease baby blues

Kristy has a good working knowledge of the Las Vegas hospitals and their protocols for placenta release.  Her convenient services and stringent sanitization protocols help you to be assured of both the ease and safety of your placenta's preparation.

For more information about how to “Honor Your Placenta”™ contact Kristy at 725-999-2633.  It is best to set this service up during your pregnancy in advance of your labor.  Early pay discounts available.


Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional, Malaysian sash that when wrapped in a systematic way from your hips to just under the breasts offers postpartum support to the torso and lower back.  It can be worn over or under your clothes.  Fully adjustable to your desired tightness, this wrap is the most versatile option for postpartum abdominal and back support.   

With a variety of fabrics available in patterns and solids, Kristy handmakes the “Honor Your Baby Belly”™ binds which are 15 yards long providing adequate length for good support. 


It is believed that a bengkung binding can
* flatten the tummy
* reduce weight and tone the body
* protect the internal organs as well as help swollen organs return to their pre-baby state
* tighten the abdomen and other parts of the body that have sagged or lost their muscle tone 
* promote good posture (that will aid in breastfeeding)
* break down fat and cellulite
* prevent overeating.
* boost the lymphatic system helping to cleanse and rid the body of toxins. 
* cover belly for more discreet breastfeeding (if worn under clothes)


Kristy offers private postpartum belly binding sessions.

Call Kristy to schedule your appointment - 725-999-2633

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