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What is a Doula?

A labor doula provides continuous physical, emotional and educational support throughout a woman's pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period.  A labor doula with professional experience and education can provide a woman and her family with a wealth of support to ensure the safest, most satisfying birth possible.  Before conception, a doula can help a woman prepare for pregnancy;  during pregnancy, a doula can help a woman prepare for birth; during labor and childbirth, a doula is an advocate and source of support; after the birth, a doula can assist in the transition to motherhood.  A doula will enrich your experience wherever you are in your childbearing year.  It is never too early or too late to choose your doula!

Women have traditionally been cared for during the childbearing year by their community of sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and close friends.  The hospital-based birth can be wrought with stress for a laboring mother as she is confronted with unfamiliar faces and administrative policies that are focused on the liability of the care providers rather than on evidence-based research and concern for the long-term well-being, comfort and intuition of the laboring mother and baby.  A doula assists a woman and her family in preparing for the birth, and then offers comfort measures and familiarity during labor and birth.  During the tender postpartum weeks and months, a doula can be a knowledgeable friend who can be turned to again and again.

Kristy's Doula Services

As a labor doula, Kristy enjoys meeting with you on a regular basis to get to know your wishes, dreams, and goals.  If complications, concerns, or fears become a reality for you, Kristy will help you to process these events and offer educational and emotional support.  Kristy has extensive experience as a doula serving the Greater Las Vegas area since 2012.  Having attended births in every hospital in the area, and understanding both the natural birth process and hospital policies, Kristy can help to bridge the gap between a desired natural birth and the challenges to achieving such a birth in a hospital setting.  During your prenatal meetings, she will discuss with you all of your options and provide you with the tools necessary to help you discover your intuition and prepare mentally for birth.  During labor, her most used tool is her hands as she comforts and guides you.  She also has extensive experience with essential oils, acupressure, balancing the body to facilitate labor, and multiple modes of childbirth education, and she can help you to listen to your body while you birth your baby.  Helping women to achieve confidence in childbirth is her passion because the results of an empowered mother benefit the life of the mother and child forever.

During your postpartum period, Kristy follows your transition to motherhood closely by assisting with breastfeeding and bonding.  Midwifery care significantly differs from that of an OB during the immediate postpartum weeks and beyond.  As your doula, Kristy provides you with the same attention and guidance offered to homebirth mothers.  As you experience your awakening motherly intuition, Kristy supports you emotionally and mentally to provide you with resources and confidence as you embrace motherhood.  

Call Kristy to schedule your free consultation.  Flexible and affordable payment plans. 


Basic Doula Service Fees includes a minimum of 2 prenatal appointments, attendance at your birth, 1 postpartum appointment, placenta encapsulation services, belly binding and postpartum services - $1000.

Advanced Doula Service Fees - Do you want prenatal care with a midwife but then plan to birth with an OB at the hospital?  Then this option would be best for you!  Package includes childbirth education series, prenatal care with midwifery attention (up to 12 prenatal appointments), attendance at your birth, 3 postpartum appointments, placenta encapsulation services, belly binding and postpartum services - $1500.

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