I am currently booked through May 2022.  

If you are due when I am booked, you may submit an inquiry form to be put on our waiting list.  If I have a space open up for your due date month, I may call to offer you the space.  Thank you for your understanding!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for your interest in our homebirth midwifery services.  To make things more accessible for you, and to simplify your ability to schedule a consultation, we have provided our service documents and informed consent forms here for you to read.  To request a consultation for homebirth midwifery services, please complete the following steps.  We reply to inquiries quite quickly - usually within 24 hours.

1) Read the Midwifery Services Agreement, Financial Agreement and Informed Disclosure Statements.  These are the contracts that I utilize for all current clients.  These documents provide you with a general overview of our practice and allow you to make a list of any questions you might have for us during our consultation.

2) Complete the inquiry form below to provide some basic information for us prior to our consultation. 

If you have any issues with links or accessing documents, please text us at 717-523-3033.


We look forward to meeting you!

Request A Consultation with Kristy

Thanks for submitting your form! Kristy is usually able to reply to emails within 12-24 hours during the week and 48 hours on the weekends. If you do not hear back in a timely manner, please text 717-523-3033 to follow up. Thank you!