Amanda, Kristy (holding son, Aaron), Lauryn, and Brittany


All of the members of our team are deeply connected in life so as to work synergistically together.  As birth professionals, our work environment and personal lives are always overlapping due to the 24/7 nature of the work we do.  It is important to us that we have a workplace in which we are authentic, supported and enriched by the services we offer.  


Kristy and Amanda met over 20 years ago through Amanda’s sister prior to either of them entering into the world of birth work. It just so happened that at the exact time Kristy was returning to Pennsylvania  and reached out to Amanda (2018) to see if she would possibly consider assisting her, Amanda was looking for that exact opportunity. It is without a doubt that bond of familiarity and trust benefits each client these two women serve and allows them to seamlessly provide service to families.

Lauryn is Kristy's eldest daughter who has been by her mom's side and watching and learning throughout her life.  She quietly developed a passion to serve moms and newborns.  Inherently good with children, Lauryn began attending births by watching siblings so that Dad could support Mom through the labor.  Her empathetic personality gives her the ability to help families in whatever way they most need support.

Brittany, Amanda & Kristy all share similar interests, values and perspectives.  They knew of each other but were not yet good friends prior to Brittany's joining IMM in 2021.  Having many over-lapping interests, our lives have all become inter-twined so as to allow us each to do what we love and still have time for family and friends who like to spend time with outside of our work.

Kristy Wilson, CPM, BSM


I know that preparing for labor and giving birth is a personal and intimate experience.  In addition to personally giving birth naturally nine times, I have assisted hundreds of women as a midwife and doula.  My own experiences in childbirth challenged me personally and gave me a deeper appreciation for the inherent strength of women and the natural birth experience for the baby.  Childbirth served to be an awakening experience for me in which I realized the need for women to be supported through this stage of life.  

It became my passion to serve other women throughout their childbearing year - that they, too, might discover her inherent strength and welcome her child in the gentlest way possible.  Traditionally, midwifery was not a career, but a rite of passage handed down from one generation to the next.  Experienced women served to support pregnant women and assist them through pregnancy, birth and even after.  The births of my own children became the catalyst for my midwifery training.  

I am passionate about natural birth and a strong advocate for mother-and-baby centered care.  I believe that how a mother and her infant are treated during pregnancy and labor can and will leave lasting effects and with this I offer compassionate and personalized midwifery services.  I will offer education and guidance as you make choices regarding what is best for your family. 

For over 20 years, I have practiced an holistic and herbally-based lifestyle with an interest in alternative medicine, homeopathics, traditional chinese medicine and whole foods based nutrition.  After the birth of my third child, in 2004, I began independent study of midwifery in preparation for a midwifery apprenticeship.  Finally in 2013 I entered a formal apprenticeship which provided me with years of hands-on experience under the guidance of two midwives.  It has been my privilege to attend the births of over 350 babies and serve as a source of prenatal and postpartum support to over 500 women.


In addition to midwifery and hands-on labor support, I have provided postpartum care to hundreds of women through my well-reputed placenta preparation team which has served over 500 women since 2013.  I have training in nutrition, the use of herbs and essential oils, aromatherapy, kinesiology, hypnobirthing, waterbirth, VBAC and HBAC, placenta preparation and belly binding.  I seek to provide a holistic maternity experience for both you and your baby through the incorporation of body, mind and spirit awareness for your best possible birth experience.   


I am a strong advocate for family-centered living.  I am wife, partner and best friend to Aaron for over 20 years and together we have had the challenge and honor of raising and homeschooling our children.  I have been involved with buyer’s groups and coops to assist other families within the community and inspire further interest in holistic health.   During my childhood and young adult life, I was a baton twirler and traveled on competitive and performing teams at the local, state and national level.  My interest and history in dance has provided me with a strong physical and mental foundation and a discipline that grew into a love for performing arts, especially culturally-based dance.  Many of my children are Irish dancers and have performed and competed within the international Irish Dance community and a few of them have been national and world qualifiers.  


In 2018, our family relocated from the Southwest of the US back to our home state of Pennsylvania.  I am thrilled to offer homebirth midwifery services in the same state where I had my own first homebirth decades ago.  For leisure, I enjoy hiking, swimming, knitting, reading and spending time at home with my husband and children.  My family has been my biggest source of encouragement and inspiration to help other families.  


Amanda Karlie, Apprentice Midwife


Amanda began her birth work career in 2017 as a volunteer and advocate for the Baltimore Doula Project. There she served as a full-spectrum doula, assisting women of varied socio-economic status through a broad range of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum needs. From there Amanda began her transition to private birth care, certifying as a doula in 2018. Since 2019, she has worked with Intuitive Mother Midwifery, beginning her work as midwife assistant, transitioning into an apprenticeship, and now as a primary midwife.

Amanda is also trained in Point Of Care Ultrasound, offering in-home and in-office ultrasounds, as well as placenta encapsulation services to her clients. She has continued through each of these phases of growth in her practice to hold a deep sense of honoring for each woman’s personal experience through the journey of motherhood, and to thoughtfully focus on how best to serve the needs of each and every one of her clients. It is her upmost priority to provide each mother with the opportunity to make informed, conscious and comprehensive decisions regarding her pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In her personal life, Amanda is the mother to five beautiful children, having learned to understand many different perspectives of pregnancy and birth through her variety of deliveries. She is a skilled soap crafter, and enjoys sharing her creations with her community through several avenues. Amanda nourishes herself as a mother and midwife by enjoying yoga, music, dancing, gardening and expressing her deep love for the natural world through a variety of outdoor activities. To those in Amanda’s life, she is known as a loving, stable, caring and intuitive friend. She is a devoted, conscious and adoring mother. Amanda is a staple of support to all those around her, and offers this part of herself to each and every one of her clients as well.

Amanda Apprentice.JPG

Lauryn Wilson
Certified Madriella Labor Doula (CLD) & Midwifery Assistant


Lauryn is a certified labor doula who has professionally attended more than twenty births in her first two years.  She was also present for six of her siblings' births, and was fourteen when she was first a doula for her mother.  

She attended a Helping Babies Breathe workshop in 2020 and received her doula certification (MCD) from Madriella Doula Network in 2021.  Lauryn has attended both hospital and home births and served as a labor doula, childcare doula and midwife's assistant.  She holds current certifications in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation Certification through the American Academy of Pediatrics (2021).

She is a 2021 high school graduate and looks forward to continuing to serve clients through her college years.  Lauryn was born in Florida and moved around quite a bit during her younger years before settling with her family in their home state of Pennsylvania.  She has three brothers, two of whom are older than her, and five younger sisters.  Lauryn enjoys knitting, watching movies, writing novels, listening to music, and reading books, especially dystopian and mysteries.  She loves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.R.R. Tolkien, Suzanne Collins, Catherine Coulter, and Veronica Roth.


Brittany Stewart
Doula & Midwifery Assistant

Ever since attending the birth of her brother at the age of 14, Brittany has been interested in birth and midwifery.  Not knowing where to begin for a long time, she filled the years traveling, tutoring and working in the restaurant industry.  With the 2020 blow to the service industry and the honor of attending the birth of a close friend in that same year, her passion to support women and babies was rekindled.  Brittany's organizational skills and approachable personality make her a welcome addition to our team. 

Brittany is a compassionate doula and midwife's assistant with current certifications in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation through the American Academy of Pediatrics (2021).